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About Rom Hacking:
ROM hacking is the modern-day art of modifying a video game's source code (known as a ROM) in order to edit the features and elements of the game itself. ROM hacking is done by a combination of one to three methods. These methods are using tools, using a hex editor, or using a disassembly . The simplest of these methods are using tools. Tools are programs that modify a specific aspect of a game in a simple way, usually with a GUI. Most tools are actually mini hex editors or code generators, designed to modify hex or generate code for a specific ROM hacking purpose. Hex editors are used to modify ROMs that are in pure binary, by editing bytes of data represented in a simpler computer numbering system known as hexadecimal. Hexadecimal is a base 16 numbering system; the basic numbers are 0-9 and then A-F. A disasm is a collection of files extracted from a ROM, where most of the files have been converted from raw binary/hexadecimal to a readable low-level programming language, usually some derivative of basic assembly. Disasms can be "built", meaning that the code and files will be compiled to make a working ROM, which is readable by an emulator or hardware (provided you have some medium to input the game into the console). When unmodified, good disasms will build into a byte-perfect game, meaning an exact copy of the original game.
Example of a tool (Music Pointer Fixer)  Example of a hex editor (XVI32)

Example of a disasm file structure (S3&K disasm)

My projects:

Sega Systems (Sega Genesis logo, Sega 32x logo, Sega CD logo )

SEGA logo

 Sega Genesis logo Sonic 2 Loco

Sonic Loco 2 is Tamkis' first full-blown hack for Sonic 2 on the Sega Genesis/MegaDrive. This hack aims to be a full hack, containing new elements and using chunks In unique, "crazy" ways for level layouts.

The hack contains original level layouts, some new chunks, some new monitors, palette edits, and plenty of new SMPS music using the Sonic 2 clone driver. Moreover, the hack includes new zone names, hidden songs via the song monitor, a different song per zone act, and a different song per boss. In that regard, this hack is a musical Megamix too.


Main features:
oOriginal level layouts, some new chunks
oNew palettes
oNew music
  •Per act
  •Per boss
oNew special stages
oNew actions
 •Added Sonic's peelout move and sprites
 •Added Sonic's SCD spring animation
 •Press A to make Sonic whistle
    oCauses a Tails clone to appear by Sonic if whistle monitor was hit(costs 10 rings)
 •Press A or C to make Tails whistle
    oCauses Tails to swap collision paths if whistle monitor was hit (costs 10 rings)
    oOnly works in a Tails-alone game

oNew Monitors
 •Hi Jump monitor
 •Special Stage monitor
 •Music monitor
   oPlays a hidden song according to the zone
 •Whistle monitor
   oAllows Sonic to call a Tails clone by pressing A (costs 10 rings)
   oAllows Tails to swap collision paths by pressing A or C (costs 10 rings)
     oPath swapping only works in a Tails-alone game
 •Insta-Kill monitor

•Basic Beginner;s tweaks (SCHG)
 oBypass Sonic roll-jump
 oAir/ground speed cap removed
 oEHZ deformation bug fixed
 oKeep rings after hitting bonus stage monitor

•Other tweaks
  oDisabled entering special stages via starposts
  oTails enabled in ALL levels (except SCZ)
  oDisabled SEGA screen
  oDisabled water
  oAdded Sonic 2 Clone driver
  oChanged cheat codes
    •Lvl Select: 19, 65, 4, 14
    •Snd Test: 3,1,4,1,5,9,2,6


Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4

 Red LED  Sega Genesis logo Megaman 2: The Robotnik Wars

So, the other day, I was playing my first MegaMan game, MegaMan: The Wily Wars (MMWW). Man, what I have missed over the years, with me previously thinking that "MegaMan is dumb". I change my mind about that statement; MegaMan is awesome! Anyways, playing that reminded me of an old Sonic 2 hack that I once played called Rockman Chaos, by Hayate. It featured MegaMan/Rockman as the main character instead of Sonic, and MegaMan gameplay. Although it was never completed, it gave me the idea for my new Sonic 2 hack, called MegaMan 2: The Robotnik Wars.

My newest hack, abbreviated as MM2RW, will be basically an art hack, music hack, and perhaps a level hack. My plans are to replace all of Sonic's art with Megaman's (from MMWW preferably) and all of Tails' art with Protoman's art. I also plan on editing other art, such as enemy art, ring art, HUD art, &c to make the game more Megaman-styled. Moreover, if possible, I might change the sound effects to reflect MegaMan's sfx. For the music, I plan on porting lots of MegaMan music into the game, preferably straight from MMWW. And if/when I have time, I will make new level layouts, in order to make this a "complete hack", similar to my previous hack, Sonic 2 Loco. Unless I can get a programming team made, I do not plan on programming MegaMan gameplay in, like with Rockman Chaos; that is above my head atm. Karate Cat and I are currently working together on making this hack.


Video 1, Video 2

Vert Green LED Sega Genesis logo   S3&K Loco

Although the title and goals of my S3&K hack are subject to change, I am thinking about making a harder S3&K game, since I have learned that making hard levels is my specialty. This hack, called S3K Loco, is similar in concept to Sonic 1 Harder Levels, but is neither sponsored/licensed/endorsed by the Harder Levels team over at SSRG; it is an independent project. Like with Sonic Loco 2 and with S1HL, I plan on making this a “complete” hack with “all the works”: modified palettes, new music, some new art, modified level & misc. stage layouts, modified special stages, &c. If possible, I might implement some new code, such as some new monitors, and other surprsies.

In specifics, here are goals thus far:
• Modified palettes
 o Mostly level palettes/water palettes
 o Special stage palettes

• New Music
 o This is going to be a pain in the ass ?
 o Porting some music from S3D Blast
 o Making some music from sequencer formats
  ? (if possible)
  ? (.mod, .midi, .xm, &c)

• New art
 o New player art
  ? Player art from Sonic Crackers/Knuckles’ Chaotix
 o Some new other art

• Modified level layouts
 o Mostly modified level layouts for harder levels
 o More Knuckles-only paths
 o Some new/modified chunks
 o 4 new levels
 ? Porting the 2p levels to 1p mode
 ? IF POSSIBLE, going to be an extreme pain in the ass

• Modified special stages

• New code
 o New monitors
 o Modified level events
  ? water level
  ? starting points
  ? Other stuff to make the levels work the way I want




Nintendo Systems (N64 Logo, GBA logo, NDS Logo):

Nintendo logo

Vert Green LEDSMB64

Super Mario Bros. 64 is a retro remake of the original NES Super Mario Bros. game using the 3D Super Mario 64 engine. Specifically, it is a remake of the Super Mario Bros. Deluxe remake, for the Game Boy Color. Like with the original SM64, the goal is to get all 120 stars. Unlike the original game, each level (which are remakes of SMB levels in 3D) have a minimum of three challenges. These challenges, taken from SMBDX, are to reach the goal, find the 8 red coins, and to find the "Yoshi Egg" (a hidden star). More information can be found in the readme of the download.


Comming soon!


SEGA logo

Sonic Retro

Your number one site for everything Sonic and SEGA hacking 

SEGA logo Nintendo Logo

RetroHack A site dedicated to retro nostalgia

Nintendo Logo

The Justus League Includes the world's pioneering SM64 hacking forum

SEGA logo Nintendo Logo

Rom Hacking A site dedicated for hacking retro consoles and games

Original games copyright (C) Sega, Nintendo

Disclaimer: Roms and Rom hacking are grey areas in terms of legality. I do not endorse ROM hacking and the dumping of games. Do NOT ask me where to find Roms/emulators/flashcarts. Most hack downloads are in patches, which are legal. The user will need a patching program for the appropriate console and a good, clean dump of the orginal game.'