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About HTML:

HTML, which stands for "HyperText Markup Language", is the de-facto standard for making webpages. Unlike other languages, keywords are enclosed in tags, and can have many attributes. For example, <p align="center">My text</p>, which displays the text "My text" centered on the page. HTML standards are managed by the W3C, and the language is constantly evolving as web browsers become more and more advanced. Also unlike other languages, one doesn't need a compiler to make webpages; at the bare minimum, one just needs Notepad and a browser. Despite that fact, there are many programs called validators which can check the syntax of web pages.

About Javascript:

HTML can be very limited in terms making web pages with multimedia and special effects. Ergo, a new web programming language was needed for pages with special effects. Javascript first originated in Netscape browsers, and has improved much ever since. With mastery of this language, one can create most special effects that he can imagine for his site.

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FeedDemon The #1 RSS aggregator for Windows!
RSS Radio A very popular RSS aggregator tailored for podcasts
CSE HTML Validator A high quality HTML validator, that is very reputable
PageBreeze A Wysiwyg website creator
EzThumbnails A useful utility that intelligently resizes images for thumbnails

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An excellent source for FREE javascript scripts and

many other information for other related internet languages

Javascript tutorial A simple tutorial that teaches you the basics of javascript.
HTML tutorial Another simple tutorial that teaches you the basics of HTML.
Bare Bones

A world-famous site that has a catalog of ALL HTML commands, past and present.

It also gives you the syntax of these commands and for which browsers they work

Public Domain pictures Simply said, a site that has copyright-free pictures that you could use in your sites.